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Outcome vs Hourly Companies

I categorize companies into two buckets, those that count hours and those that drive towards outcomes.

Chances are we all have worked for or currently work for an hourly company.  You know the type, the ones that want to track every minute you work and only when you work in the office does your work count.  Hourly companies have a fetish with the 40 hour work week and say things like “40 hours is a minimum”.

What the hourly companies do not know is counting hour’s breeds compliance and everything will take longer to get done.   This type of company shows it does not trust its employees at its core and is driven by the fear that employees are stealing wages by not putting in hours regardless of how well goals are being achieved.

Outcome based companies are focused on achieving goals (i.e. outcomes).  This is not to say they are not interested in the number of hours people put in to achieve these goals though the hours are footnote, an analytic if you will.  Outcome based companies trust the people they employ and hold them accountable for Getting Shit Done! (GSD for short) They trust they will deliver what is needed and put in the time to do it, whether it is 9-5 Monday – Friday or working late at night and a bit on the weekend with a Wednesday off.

I’m a GSD kind of guy and I prefer to work with other GSDers.  If a timesheet is more important to a company than reaching a desired outcome which will drive a strategy, then I feel that it may be challenging for that company to do anything special in this world.

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