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Watch the JavaScript Widgets

Adding that piece of javascript to a web page is so easy to get a nice shiny widget, whether it be a like button, badge or a cool popup window but remember to keep in mind the page load times and the amount of javascript that is being downloaded to the clients browser.


Pages get bloated very quickly and soon over half of what is downloaded for your page is javascript. In my experience very little of the javascript in question actually makes a better user experience.


What a lot of this javascript does is render out html and download images.  Let’s look at the steps, the javascript is downloaded from the vendors server, then it is run which produces html and downloads images and possibly more javascript is rendered to the browser.


An alternative is to look at the output of the javascript is and do it yourself without the widget javascript. This means download the widget image put it on your server or cdn (and control the caching) and write the html.  Make a decision whether to have the cool fly over or not or if just the badge/image will suffice.  Easy does not always mean well preforming, sure one widget is not always bad but they add up quickly.

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