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Windows 8 meh

I recently updated both my laptop (Mac Book Pro) and the beast of a desktop to windows 8.  The short of it is I feel it takes me longer to do things as compared to Windows 7.


I will elaborate.  Every time I log in I press window+D to get to the desktop.  There are some hack arounds but why is the desktop suddenly a second class citizen?  These machines are not touch devices so looking at the metro ui is just annoying IMO.  I do not want to see full screen apps like live messenger on a laptop or desktop, sure on a slate/tablet which is touch enabled this makes sense.


I use the window key a lot to just start typing and find what I’m looking for.  Quite honestly I find the way this works in Windows 8 to be distracting and takes more time for me to find what I’m looking for.


I’m hoping Microsoft will address these concerns which are shared by many more than just me and release an update which allows Windows 8 to work more like windows 7 for non touch enabled devices.

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