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SkyDrive I want to Love You but….

Is SkyDrive a good alternative to DropBox?


NO! and here is why. 

  1. 1)  You cannot share a folder and have that folder sync to everyone's desktop thus creating a collaborative environment that also gives you notifications when something has changed.  I have found the notifications cut down on emails because people see when something is updated and things just seem to keep moving on.
  2. 2)  When a folder or item is shared the person it is shared with does not have to accept the sharing invite.  This means I could get a list of Live Id’s and share a million items with each Live Id and it would totally clutter up their WEB BASED shared folder.


Box (formerly Box.net) looks like a good alternative but the pricing is such that when you hit your 5 GB mark you have to go to the $15 dollar a month plan.  Given $15 a month gets you 1000GB which is a good deal if you are using it.  If not, this becomes a costly service.


I do think DropBox needs to consider lowering their prices a bit and also consider a different pricing model that bridges the free to pro versions which would let someone purchase storage space.  I could easily justify $20 a year for 15GB of storage but it is hard for me to justify $100 for 100GB of storage because I will not use all that space.  Of course there are free ways of getting 15GB of storage….

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