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Getting To Shrink WrapTM Overview

Delivering a software product involves many moving parts. The Getting to Shrink Wrap ProcessTM keeps everything in perspective by assessing your readiness in each area.

Shrink Wrapping a software product is more than just developing the software — it is aligning with the business, IT, customer service, marketing and sales teams to make sure when the product is released it is successful. In order to align all business areas, it is important to understand who is responsible for each component. The Accountability MapTM identifies how each business area will work towards the shared goal: a product that is ready to go to market. Prior to going to market, it is critical to ask such questions as: how will your customers get support for your product?

The below diagram summarizes the Getting to Shrink WrapTM Process and how it is used to determine the software product readiness.

Getting to Shrink Wrap : Accountability Map

"Clydesdale Software helped us in more ways than just software development; they taught us how to work through the process of product development from idea inception to implementation."

David R. Hersey, CEO
Center for Leadership Studies

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