Why Clydesdale?

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At Clydesdale Software, we have many areas of expertise ranging from Software Product Lifecycle Management all the way through Application Lifecycle Management. We pride ourselves on always looking forward and evaluating what benefits future technologies offer. Our specialty is custom application development using Microsoft Technologies.

After determining product readiness, Clydesdale Software works with your team, opens up communication throughout your organization, and successfully drives projects to completion using unmatched project management.

Experience is the building block of excellent guidance. At Clydesdale Software, we have a wide breadth of domain and technical solutions. Below are just a few highlights of the credentials we bring to your product:

  • Certified Situational Leaders from the Center for Leadership Studies
  • SCRUM certified professionals
  • Many Microsoft technical certifications among our employees
  • An Expert Advisor for the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Web Client Factory

As well as our experience in projects including:

  • eLearning solution for Situational Leadership®
  • Software development products for the mobile industry
  • Participation in the development of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Composite UI Application Block
  • An Inventory, order, and report management solution for the chemical industry
  • A Customer consolidation solution for the resort industry
  • A Reservation integration user interface for the resort industry
  • A Mass email solution for the airline industry
  • An Outlook spam solution for an email spam filtering company

Clydesdale Software brings together a blend of strong technical expertise with a robust methodology to facilitate a successful project for your organization. Our experience with methodologies and technologies puts us on the forefront of the Software Product Lifecycle.

Clydesdale Software, Inc.


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